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Film Processing

Develop and Print

Color negative printing services provided with film development. Our professional quality Develop & Print includes manual color corrections by a skilled technician who views your images one-by-one, understands their potential, and knows how to make them look their best. At a time when virtually all volume printing has become automated, this is an exceptional advantage. Our matte, glossy and metallic papers have been carefully selected for their beauty and longevity. Premium Matte (Fuji Super Type PD) is widely recognized by professionals for its rich blacks, wide color range and thicker weight. Our incomparable Metallic paper features a pearlescent sheen, brilliant detail, enhanced sharpness, intense color saturation, and extra depth. Both of these upscale papers are offered at no extra charge. Along with classic Glossy, all Develop & Print papers are archival products from the Fuji “Crystal Archive” collection for years of enjoyment.

Prints from DX-coded 35mm film are imprinted on the back with the Date and Negative number. The price chart below includes a 50% discount on 35mm film processing when purchased as Develop & Print. Other print size combinations are available, so contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for! Turnaround time is 2 working days. Download the C41 order form here.

Enhance your photos and add distinction with Creative Borders. Add a $2 setup charge per roll.

Add a CD to any Develop & Print order for $10.00.


    One Set of Prints Two Sets of Prints One Set and CD
135-24 3x or 4x prints $13.97 $19.97 $19.97
135-24 5x prints $20.69 $32.45 $26.69
135-36 3x or 4x prints $18.89 $27.89 $24.89
135-36 5x prints $28.79 $46.43 $34.79
120-12 3x or 4x prints $11.74 $14.74 $17.74
120-12 5x prints $15.10 $20.98 $21.10
220-24 3x or 4x prints $22.10 $28.10 $28.10
220-24 5x prints $28.82 $40.58 $34.82

Develop and Scan

Per Roll    
Scan Size Format Up to 40 frames*
4x jpeg $ 10.00
5x jpeg $ 14.50
8x jpeg $ 37.50
10x jpeg $ 42.75
4x tiff $ 13.00
5x tiff $ 19.00
8x tiff $ 48.50
10x tiff $ 55.50

Develop & CD provides a means for film camera owners to receive the benefits of digital. We can process your negatives and save the images to CD. The files may then be used for creative projects or email, just like digital camera files. Our CDs feature a selection of your images printed directly on the disc for easy identification of your files. Turnaround time is 2 working days. Click to download order forms for C41 or Black & White

Film scanning services provided with C41 or Black & White film development for 35mm, APS, 645, 6x6 and 6x7 film. Standard scans are 4" x 6" at 300dpi. Higher resolution scans are available. Call or email for pricing and details. Scans are RGB JPEG. Multiple rolls submitted at the same time will be saved to one CD (up to 5 rolls per CD) unless otherwise requested. CD's are single session only.

We proudly use MAM-A "Professional Series" Silver CD-R, the industry's finest for longevity. This CD has a remarkable estimated lifespan of 100 years if handled and stored properly! Click here for our Quick List of storage and handling tips.

*Scan prices above are in addition to film processing prices.

Film Processing (ala carte)

C41 Color Processing
35mm $ 8.25
APS $ 8.25
110 $ 9.00
120 $ 6.82
220 $12.26
4x5 $ 3.12
5x7 $ 5.46
8x10 $ 7.57
  B&W Processing
Type Each
135 $8.40
120 $8.22
220 $9.72
4x5 $3.60
8x10 $7.50

Special Processing: Up to 3-stop push and 2-stop pull processing in 1/8 stop increments is available. Add $5.25 for each hanger requiring special processing. Hanger capacities are as follows:

35mm: 5 rolls/hanger

4x5: 8 sheets/hanger

8x10: 2 sheets/hanger

120/220: 3 rolls/hanger

5x7: 4 sheets/hanger

Different film sizes or push/pulls cannot be run on the same hanger.

Film Processing Turnaround: Two working days.

Click to download order forms for C41 or Black & White

Coffee Film Processing

Yes...really! We process film in coffee! It's our own special blend of developer. Why? Because it's distinctive...unique...funky...and fun!

Our coffee processing is offered for black & white or color negative film. Color film will be black & white when done. Enthusiasts love the distinctive contrast and grain, hint of nostalgia, and base fog which provides the unique and beautiful "coffee-processed" look. This is a hand process. Please allow 1 week.

Additional options

Scanning: Add $10 to have your coffee-processed film scanned to CD. Our default scans are 4x6 at 300dpi. Multiple rolls submitted at the same time will be saved to one CD (up to 5 rolls per CD) unless otherwise requested.

Printing: Coffee-processed film is available for printing at the time of processing at our "Develop & Print" rate of $.41/each for 4x6 prints and $.69/ea. for 5x7 prints.

Download and print an order form here.

Digital Proof Sheets

4x6 (35mm) $7.00
4x6 (6x6,6x7,645**) $9.00
8x11 (35mm) $11.50
8x11 (6x6,6x7,645**) $13.50

Digital Proofs are the digital alternative to contact sheets. Our 8"x11" proofs provide images perfectly aligned within gray borders and are available from 35mm, APS and 120 film in 6x6, 6x7 and 645** formats. Some perimeter image loss will occur. Frame numbers are printed next to each frame for DX coded film. Films which are not DX coded (120 format) are numbered sequentially according to the order in which they are scanned. The following layouts are available: 10 frame, 12 frame, 16 frame, 28 frame, and 40 frame. Image size is largest on the 10-frame sheets and decreases as the frame count increases.Turnaround time is 2 working days.

If processed film is submitted, rolls must be grouped with consecutive frames and no duplicate frame numbers.

*Prices listed are in addition to film processing charges.

**Spatial orientation from 645 film will not match arrangement of images on film. Ask us to see a sample.